Single Line Family Tree Book

Our Single Line Hard Cover books (back to about 1800, A4 landscape, on Silk paper, 170gsm, digitally printed in colour throughout) are produced after a research time of between 125 and 175 hours (5 to 8 weeks)and priced at £395. With this price you will get 3 Hard Cover books and 3 A1 posters. Additional books cost £29.

We can research family lines as far back as the 17th century in some cases. If this is something you would like, the prices are dependent on how far back we can go. When you come to the end of a family line it is fairly quickly established that you can go no further. In this case the prices are worked out as follows;

The Single Line books are put together after a research time of between hours 175 and 225 hours. The extra hour research rate is £3 an hour after 175 hours. The maximum charge is for 50 hours. So the most you would pay is £545 for your 3 books and 3 posters. Additional books costing £35.