Family Tree Poster

Our A1 posters are put together after a research time of between 50 and 70 hours (over 2 weeks) but our prices are fixed at £95 for a Single Line  (back to about 1800, Maternal or Paternal) and £115 for a Full Line (back to about 1800,Maternal and Paternal). The posters are printed on Standard 250gsm Silk and are very robust. Additional posters cost £20. For an extra £30 the posters can be framed.

We can research family lines as far back as the 17th century in some cases. If this is something you would like, the prices are dependent on how far back we can go. When you come to the end of a family line it is fairly quickly established that you can go no further.

A1 posters are put together after a research time of between hours 70 and 100 hours (2 to 4 weeks) and are priced at a rate of £2 per hour spent on research after 70 hours (to a maximum of 100 hours) on top of the Standard A1 poster costs. For example if your Single Line A1 poster resulted in an extra 15 hours research the cost would be £125. Which breaks down as £95 for the original research and £30 for the extra 15 hours researched. the maximum charge would be for 30 hours even if it took more hours to research. So the maximum cost of an A1 poster would be £155 for a Single Line and £175 for a Full Line.